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Guidance on the Entrances and Exits of Parking Lot

The parking map.
  • Inquiries related to parking: 02-411-5574

Parking Sections by Floor

Parking Sections by Floor
Types Loactions Section Numbers Major Business Places
Hotel, Department Store Ground level 1~3 H101~H306 Hotel, duty-free shop, department store (Jamsil store)
Adventure Ground level 1~3 A111~A330 Adventure, Magic Island, Ice Link, Pororo Park
Department Store,
Shopping Mall
Ground level 3 D381~D399 Department store (Jamsil store), Folk Museum
Mart, Kidzania Ground level 1~4 M151~M470 Mart, Kidzania
Outdoor Parking Lot Ground level 1~3 Mart, Kidzania, Adventure, Folk Museum

Parking guidance system

  • Lotte World’s Parking System will recognize the car license plate number automatically, so no ticket issuance is required to enter the parking lot. (card issuance needed in case of failure to recognize the plate number, however).
  • Free parking: Free parking availability is guided at the central information desk after entering Lotte World Adventure.
    • 1. Please be sure to mention the car license plate number when checking for free parking.
  • You need to take confirmations for free parking at the corresponding business places in case of visiting the department store, hotel, mart, and other places in addition to visiting Lotte World Adventure.
    • 1. If you take free parking confirmations, you can get discounts or have the parking fee waived.
  • Checking for parking location: In case you forgot where you parked, you can determine the location by accessing one of the Parking Confirmation Machine installed along the moving lines of the parking lot.

Guidance on Parking Rates

Guidance on Parking Rates
Regular Rates Parking Rates When Using Lotte World Adventure
Time Parking Fee When Purchasing Admission When Purchasing Daily Passport
First 30 minutes 1,000 Won Free for 3 hours Free for the day
For every additional 10 minutes 1,000 Won

Check These Out

  • You can get parking confirmation upon purchasing a ticket or at the information desk after being admitted.
  • You need to remember your car license plate number.
  • It will be more convenient if you take public transportation. (Exit #4 of Jamsil Station on Subway Line #2, #8)


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