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Magic Pass: Quick Boarding Reservation Service

Provided to shorten the waiting time for customers wishing to ride playing facilities

  • Insert your ticket into the boarding reservation machine located at the entrance of a facility. Take a Magic Pass reservation ticket, and then enter through the boarding reservation line on the designated time. You don’t have to stand in a long queue.
  • Only daily and annual passport customers can access the boarding reservation service.

Playing Facilities Applicable for Magic Pass

Playing Facilities Applicable for Magic Pass Table
Types Attractions
Adventure Adventures of Sinbad, Spanish Pirate Ship, Flume Ride, French Revolution, Jungle Adventure, Pharaoh’s Fury
Magic Island Comet Express, Gyro Drop, Gyro Swing, Atlantic Adventure

Using Magic Pass

Daily Passport :
Insert the passport with the front side facing upward into a boarding reservation achine located at the entrance of the playing facility where Magic Pass is applicable
Annual Passport :
Place close to the lower window of a boarding reservation machine marked as "Annual Passport" the barcode specified at the bottom of the passport.

Take the boarding reservation ticket printed from the boarding reservation machine and enter through a separate reservation line on the designated time.

Check These Out

  • Please make a second Magic Pass reservation after checking the designated time for the first Magic Pass reservation.
  • Magic Pass requires one ticket per person; it is not allowed for some types of tickets.
  • Additional reservation is not allowed in case you already made a reservation on the designated period for other playing facility.
  • Reservation on some facilities could end early under the circumstances.

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