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I love Lotte World

frame Lotty



Lotty, who nurtures dreams with a bright, warm heart, is the symbol of Lotte World Adventure, the land of adventure and mystery.

He is always honest & courageous; he enjoys adventure and likes to play with children. He is our friend who nurtures his dreams with a bright, warm heart.

frame Lorry



Lorry, who spreads warm love, is the symbol of Lotte World Adventure together with Lotty.

She has such a good heart. As a courteous friend, she is always spreading warm love to many people.

She is also the pretty girlfriend of Lotty.


Rainbow Friends

  • Papabora


    Papabora, the grandfather magician who loves children

    He is a grandfather magician who is generous, relaxed, guileless, and romantic. He loves to tell children old stories and sometimes entertain them with odd magic. He is the grandfather magician of happy rainbow village.

  • Papabora, Choroc, Joohong, Norang, Boonhong, Parang

  • Boonhong


    Boonhong, the cute, animated, and prudish one

    She is prudish but dances and sings very well. She loves to stand out. Jealous of pretty Joohong, she tries to take all the affections of others. Still, her friends love her so much because she is cute and lively.

  • Parang


    Parang, the inventor who is full of curiosity and who dreams of becoming a scientist

    He is curious and amazed about everything, so not a day goes by without him getting involved in anything. He examines and researches things carefully and comes up with new inventions very well. Sometimes, he creates odd inventions to surprise his friends.

  • Choroc


    Choroc, the stubborn & grumpy but charming one

    He is discontented with everything, and nothing impresses him. He is blunt and stubborn but bears no malice. He is such an adorable rascal. He keeps saying, “I hate this and that,” but it still makes him a cute, mischievous boy.

  • Joohong


    Joohong, the warm-hearted, shy, and lovely one

    She possesses a pure, clean soul and loves to interact with flowers and dance with butterflies. She is like a rainbow angel who is warm-hearted, extremely shy, and deeply thoughtful. She is such a lovely fairy who always smiles and stays warm-hearted.

  • Norang


    Norang, the adventurer who is very social and full of adventurous spirit

    He is enthusiastic about everything, enjoying adventure and challenge. He keeps everyone ntertained with his humor and wit. He easily becomes friends with anyone thanks to his bright, animated, and social character, but he is a bit of a bluffer. He is a sociable adventurer who likes to brag about his adventures while surrounded by friends.


Talented Friends

  • Maurice


    Maurice, the wine expert

    He has extensive knowledge of wines as a gourmet. He has good judgment of identifying everything accurately and knowledge so extensive that he is called a walking encyclopedia.

  • Hanacalua


    Hanacalua, the shaman of Fiji Island

    She is vibrant and enthusiastic, enjoying the confidence of tribes among whom she is very popular. Amazed by her mysterious power, she tries to help her friends in need using the power of spells. As the only shaman in Fiji Island, she is bright and cheerful, taking the lead in everything to help others.

  • Captin Gallion

    Captin Gallion

    Captain Galleon, the captain of a Spanish pirate ship

    He is the grumpy captain of a pirate ship who sails the seas and plunders every village. He is a bad pirate on the outside, but he does not really like bad acts and even loves existence and life with other people. He wants to be a real pirate, but Cracker, the name of the parrot that is with him, tempts and urges him to steal everything.

  • Tulloose


    Tulloose, the cat artist

    He is a passionate cat artist who paints everything he sees. He is both comic and loud, so he easily makes the mistake of spilling paints. Still, he is optimistic, and he loves to put an elaborate signature on his paintings. He is a man of great pride, and he thinks he is the best artist in France.

  • Pabaro


    Pabaro, the gentle tenor

    He is a tenor who is gentle and good-mannered. He loves the opera and always wants to sing wherever friends are gathered. You will fall in love with Pabaro once you hear his sweet voice.

  • Fiddler

    Fiddler, the violinist

    He is a friend of ants who likes to play. He is a good friend for all of us, always trying hard to give an excellent violin performance to the people.


Lovely Friends

  • Digger donkey

    Digger donkey

    Digger donkey, the faithful mule from Morocco

    He is lovely but shy and timid, and he easily feels lonesome. As such, he looks sad from time to time. Still, he possesses the trait of feeling happy when he gets enough love and attention from people, such as children in need of love all the time.

  • Bawoo


    Bawoo, the innocent and odd puppy

    He is innocent, odd, and serious about everything, but it brings more smiles to others. Because of his odd character, interesting things happen around him all the time. He likes Sharon Cat, so he always follows her to profess his love; this makes him such a romantic.

  • Sharon cat

    Sharon cat

    Sharon Cat, the glamorous and pretty cat

    She is a glamorous and pretty cat who loves to show off her graceful figure. She walks slowly to maintain her noble dignity at all times. She is such a lovely lady cat who is aloof and pretty, such as extending the back of her hand for everyone to kiss.

  • Ppappi


    Ppappi, the white rabbit in wonderland

    He is the rabbit in wonderland who is always busy and on-the-run. He loves being busy and frantically looks around at all times. He has a habit of looking at his watch often. He is a mysterious, magical white rabbit who came from wonderland, moving from east to west in the blink of an eye.

  • Jenny Hippo

    Jenny Hippo

    Jenny Hippo, the happy hippo full of smiles

    She is an optimist who is always energetic and outgoing. She smiles a lot, moves her body up & down, and has a strange habit of hitting and smiling at the person next to her. She charms the people around her with her unique, big smile. She is always happy Jenny Hippo.

  • Digger donkey, Bawoo, Sharon cat, Ppappi, Jenny Hippo, Papa Dog, White Bear, Lippy Louie, Cooper, Wolf Count

  • Papa Dog

    Papa Dog

    Papa Dog, the pleasant stylist

    He likes to brag, and he is such a good dancer. He likes to be at the center of a dance party and gets applauded by friends for his dance moves. He is a pleasant stylist who makes people happy with overwhelming passion.

  • White Bear

    White Bear

    White Bear, the darling of the North Pole

    He is a charming, lovely white bear who came from the North Pole. A little darling for all of us, he likes to have fun and plays with children.

  • Lippy Louie

    Lippy Louie

    Lippy Louie, the French aristocrat

    He is a French aristocrat obsessed with the glamorous old days. A fashionable, neat gentleman, he is also a hopeless romantic who thinks every woman is in love with him. He is always dressed up, a true aristocrat who never picks up a fallen handkerchief by himself.

  • Cooper


    Cooper, the mischievous little ghost

    He is an adorable little ghost who wants to make friends with people while waiting for the Halloween party. People get scared at first, but he easily makes friends thanks to his genuine, innocent charm and enjoys the Halloween party with them. The best friend of this little ghost is of course the baby pumpkin of the pum-pum family.

  • Wolf Count

    Wolf Count

    Wolf Count, the cunning but simple-minded wolf

    He is a cunning but simple-minded wolf, with his eye on the three pig brothers at all times. He shows up at the mask festival dressed like a medieval knight, wearing a cool cape and disguising with a mask. He tries to duel with timid Aramis but gets tricked by the smart plot of Polcos and loses the duel against the three pig brothers. He still sets his sights on the three pig brothers, though.


We are family

  • Berger Meister

    Berger Meister

    Berger Meister, the German bulldog

    He is the owner of the village pub and mayor at the same time. He has strong self-esteem for serving as mayors ancestrally, and always tries to have all the attention focused on him. He is blunt and hot-headed, but his heart is warm and soft. He has a deep, highly resonant, base tone voice.

  • Mrs.Berger


    Mrs. Berger, talkative wife of Mr. Berger

    She is continuously nagging Berger Meister who likes to drink; she is a chatterbox who makes the surroundings noisy. She walks at rapid pace with her hips swaying, one hand holding up her skirt. She is the perennially warm-hearted hostess of the pub.

  • Jecki


    Jecki, the agile & humorous, highly talented monkey

    He likes to make somersaults, and he is very agile and good at petty tricks. These make him a humorous, highly talented monkey. He is invited to the samba festival along with his Amazon friends. He draws all the attention of the people with his unique humor and always boasts among his friends. He is a mischievous, highly talented monkey who likes to make fun of slow-moving Dderila.

  • Pinki


    Pinki, the charming & cute monkey

    She is a pink-colored monkey, always cute and animated and full of charm, putting on the air of being pretty & high-and-mighty. She is an Amazon monkey, the prettiest among her friends. Thus, she always boasts of her beauty and actively expresses her affection. In particular, she specializes in flashy, glamorous samba dance, attracting the attention of others.

  • Twin Ginger men

    Twin Ginger men

    Twin ginger men, the mischievous twin ginger breads

    They are busy everyday, and they like to look around here and there because they are full of curiosity. They are mischievous boys who like to play with their friends. They stay and move together at all times, catching their friends by surprise with some naughty mischief. Still, they are faithful ginger bread twins who are considerate of each other and who take care of friends as well.

  • Pumpum family

    Pumpum family

    The Pum-pum family is the mascot of the Halloween party; they participate in the party to give dreams and hope to children. Baby pumpkin, who is close to the little ghost, Cooper, enjoys the party as he dances with others. Baby pumpkin’s dream is to be like father pumpkin, who is very kind and who takes good care of children by playing with them and making them happy.

  • Toonki/Dderila


    Toonki, the grumpy and odd gorilla

    They are busy everyday, and they like to look around here and there because they are full of curiosity. They are mischievous boys who like to play with their friends. They stay and move together at all times, catching their friends by surprise with some naughty mischief. Still, they are faithful ginger bread twins who are considerate of each other and who take care of friends as well.

  • Noonsong/Noondong


    Noonsong & Noondong, the darling snow brother and sister

    Noonsong & Noondong are snow brother and sister who are pure and innocent. They like the season of winter so much and really love to play on the snowfield. They are kind and charming to everyone while staying happy in the snow during winter. They are delightful snowman friends for all of us.

  • Aramis/Dumas/Polcos


    Aramis, the first pig, likes only simple and easy things; he is most interested in decorating himself. Dumas, the second pig, is not interested in anything other than food. Polcos, the third pig, is smart and diligent. Smart and agile as well, he is the actual leader among the three pig brothers.

  • Pinco/Pinie/Pinki


    3 adorable and animated penguins

    Mischievous elder brother Pinco, lovely & kind Pinie, and cute & adorable Pinky as the youngest are the three penguin siblings of the South Pole. They always stay together to take care of each other, making their friends envy them.



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