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Exciting & entertaining shows that you can enjoy at Lotte World, the land of adventure and mystery!
Let’s enjoy all together!

At Lotte World, various year-round festivals, events, and shows are constantly held.

Dancing and singing along with cute and pretty character dolls looking like they came straight from a fairytale, amusing stage performances brimming with endless laugher, “Ha-Ha, Ho-Ho” --
You will forget the passing of time with the entertaining concert and bright lights.
Splendid parade twinkling in the dark night -- you can’t take your eyes off them!

Enjoy Lotte World’s exclusive hot performances to your heart’s content! There is never a dull moment. You will brush off stress and take away a basketful of fun memories!


Wild Tours Series


Brand New Attractions of 3 Exciting Themes!
Wild Tours Series Open!

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